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At Day&Night Solution, we pride ourselves in the delivery of bespoke solutions that meet the unique needs of our service users. Day&Night Solution is run by two registered nurses. Thus, you can rest assured that your whole well-being, both physically and mentally, is in safe hands.

Lillian Moyo

Lillian is a Registered General Nurse, possessing 17 years of nursing experience and also having 5 years of experience as a CQC Reg Manager. She is very resilient and very hands-on, client focussed and motivated. Has worked in different care settings in the NHS, the private hospitals and the community. She received additional training to specialise in the acute surgical settings and is confident in looking after people with high needs.

 Her experience working as a registered manager contributed to an in-depth insight and understanding of the care manager model and has enabled her to be flexible, adaptable, and act outside of her comfort zone when providing care and support.

Obvious brings a vast wealth of knowledge and experience as a Registered Mental Health Nurse to Day&Night Solution. He possesses excellent communication skills. Obvious has the ability to respond to clients’ problems by holding them accountable for the progress of their health on a 1:1 basis, empowering them with choices supported by consistent person-centred care. This promotes and supports a person’s recovery, helping them to live independent and fulfilling lives.  Obvious is also aware of cultural expectations and norms, and how people perceive disability and mental health reactions in different cultures and communities.

Obvious Moyo

Ruanah Ndabalime


BA in Community Development and Social Care

Diploma in Higher Education in Adult Nursing

Level 3 NVQ in Health and Social Care

Since 2001, Ruanah has worked in various roles within the health and social care sector, gaining experience in residential and elderly nursing care homes, mental health facilities, and with people with learning disabilities. She knowledge in areas such as manual handling, health and safety regulations, dementia care, and medication. Ruanah studied adult nursing and recently completed a BA (Hons) in Community Development and Social Care, which has equipped her with the skills to work with communities and citizens to create sustainable development in the social care sector. Currently, she is studying for an NVQ Level 5 in Leadership and Management to further develop her skills in managing operations and creating successful outcomes for Day&Night Solution service users. Overall, Ruanah is a self-motivated, resilient individual with transferable skills and a passion for the health and social care sector.

Our mission statement

As a health and social care provider, we are dedicated to providing optimal care to our service users to maintain and improve the quality of their lives in a familiar environment—the comfort of their own homes. To achieve this, our cornerstones are:

Competency: well-trained, competent, and highly skilled staff

Reliability: We have dedicated staff to deliver the care that we promise.

Integrity: We are open, honest, and make moral decisions.

Autonomy: We recognise your right to choose care and to accept or refuse care provision. However,we will respect your autonomy by educating you on the options available without bias and supporting your decisions.

Trustworthiness: Establishing trust will help us understand your needs better. People who trust their healthcare provider have less stress and may recover better from their condition.

Our values

Partnership: We understand that family matters. We will work with you and your family so that you feel supported and included.

Respect and dignity—we see the whole person. We will treat you the way we would like to be treated.

Keeping it simple: We make processes simple. We will not use jargon, and we will make communication simple and easy. We have an open-door policy.

Client-centred care is the cornerstone of care; we will put you first in the heart of your care. Seek your involvement, ask for your opinions, and always say thank you.

Fairness: We respect your culture values and inclusiveness. We act fairly and compassionately. We embrace diversity.

Safety: We make safety and quality a priority in your care. We aim to prevent and reduce risks to ensure you are free from harm.

Our principles

Quality: We strive to continuously improve the quality of care we deliver in a timely manner.

Facing the future: We strive to continuously improve our performance and adapt to meet demand to change things for the better.

Excellence: We strive to be one of the best care providers in the country. We strive to get the basics right the first time and every time. We go that extra mile to maintain and improve our service user’s quality of life.


Please be advised that we are not in any way associated with S Moyo who has been issuing fake certificates of sponsorship using Day&Night Solutions Ltd details.

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